Here are the steps to change your default billing and shipping addresses in your account:

1. Log into your account on the website.
2. Go to the “Account” or “Profile” section.
3. Locate the “Addresses” or “Shipping Addresses” and “Billing Address” sections.
4. Click to edit or add a new address.
5. Enter the new address details you want to set as the default.
6. Save the changes.

Once you’ve updated the address information, the new default billing and shipping addresses will be used for future orders or purchases. Let me know if you have any other questions!

I’m afraid I don’t have enough information about the specific credit card transaction you’re asking about to provide detailed guidance on how the authorization and charging process will work. Credit card processing can vary depending on the merchant, payment processor, card network, and other factors.

In general, the typical credit card authorization and charging process goes like this:

1. When you make a purchase, the merchant will send the card information to their payment processor.

2. The payment processor will then send the transaction details to the card network (e.g. Visa, Mastercard) for authorization.

3. The card network will verify that the card is valid and that there are sufficient funds/credit available.

4. If approved, the card network will send an authorization code back to the merchant.

5. The merchant will then “capture” the authorized amount, which causes the funds to be transferred from your account to the merchant’s account, typically within a few business days.

The specific steps may vary, but that covers the basic flow. Let me know if you have any other questions about credit card processing that I can try to help with.

That depends on a few factors:

– What state and/or local jurisdiction are you in? Sales tax laws can vary quite a bit between different states and even between different cities or counties within the same state.

– What are you purchasing? Many items are subject to sales tax, but some goods and services may be exempt, such as certain food items, prescription medications, and professional services.

– Are you making the purchase online or in-person? For online purchases, you generally have to pay sales tax if the seller has a physical presence (like a store or warehouse) in your state. For in-person purchases, you’ll almost always pay the applicable state and local sales taxes.

Without more details about your specific situation, I can’t give you a definitive answer on whether you have to pay sales tax. But in general, if you’re making a taxable purchase within your state, you should expect to pay the relevant state and local sales taxes. Let me know if you have any other questions!

Yes, All order are issued with tracking number, you will receive an email from our tracking department when your order have been assign a taking number 

Yes, we ship items internationally. We offer international shipping services that allow you to send packages to addresses outside of your home country.

The specific shipping options and costs will depend on factors like:

– The item(s) you need to ship
– The destination country
– The shipping carrier you choose (e.g. USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL)
– Whether you need expedited or standard shipping
– Any customs or import duties that may apply

I’d recommend researching the available international shipping options from the retailers or carriers you plan to use. They can provide details on delivery timelines, pricing, tracking, and any restrictions or requirements for international shipments. Let me know if you have any other questions!

Yes you can Cancel or Make change on your Order if the order have not been processed for cancel order, but if u make changes on your order it will be update before we shipped out to your location

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